Miss Massachusetts 2011 Princess America Sadi Thann becomes BB2C spokeswoman

BB2C is pleased to announce that Ms. Sadi Thann is now our official spokeswoman!

From left to right Douglas Eads (Board Member), Navin Saigal (Financial Planning Director), Eli Shirk, Sadi Thann (Spokeswoman), Rudi Shirk, Paula Shirk (Founder), Tiffany Caton (Fundraising Director)

Sadi is the first Cambodian woman to compete for and win the title Miss Massachusetts 2011 Princess America. Sadi, a UMass – Amherst graduate, is passionate about using her title to promote support for Cambodian causes. She shares a similar history with us: BB2C evolved from the adoption of a child from Cambodia, Rudi the son of our founder.  Sadi, too, is adopted — she was born in a refugee camp in Thailand after her biological parents fled Cambodia on foot. In foster care from the age of six, Sadi was adopted at age ten by an American couple.

BB2C and Sadi are deeply committed to helping Cambodian women. Eighty percent of Cambodians are farmers, of which 65 percent are women. By helping Cambodian farmers obtain water pumps to raise their crop yields, BB2C directly and profoundly influences the lives of women. Sadi aspires to be a face and a voice for Cambodians — especially the women and children who need her advocacy.

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