Eli Rice Seeder

Eli Rice Seeder

BB2C has designed a pioneering rice planting device. By providing solutions to outdated rice farming methods, we are changing the way rice is farmed in Cambodia and beyond. We do this by delivering profit-making, labor saving innovative technology.

The traditional, time tested, rice planting method of manual transplanting is effective, but labor intensive. With migration leading to labor shortages in Cambodia, many farmers are forced to use less effective planting methods such as throwing (broadcasting) seeds into the field. The market is evolving and BB2C, with our affordable, locally produced technology is well-positioned to address this urgent need for a new method.

With our machine, a team of two can plant one hectare in only 2 hours, and in a row pattern that reduces total seed and fertilizer usage. A similar sized field could take 40 women, all day to plant. Crop yields using our machine meet or exceed the results of traditionally planted fields. The rows of rice also allow for tool-assisted, eco-friendly and chemical-free weeding.

The market is changing and BB2C is well-positioned to address this opportunity.

Rice Seeder Infographic