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Eli Seeder – 4 Wheel Tractor Conversion

The Eli Seeder’s air-powered seeding technology can now be harnessed by the 4W tractor. The extra power means we can incorporate heavy-duty disc drills that dig into the ground with a more consistent depth and heftier rakes to scoop the soil into the furrows.


  • Single-person operation. The driver can control the airflow from their seat.
  • Spring-loaded rakes for consistent cover
  • Available at 15cm and 25cm spacing between rows
  • Larger, 15kg seed tank


Pre-emergence herbicides and the addition of fertiliser hoppers for the simultaneously application of fertiliser at planting time.


“In designing the no-till unit, design simplicity is the greatest challenge. It requires more innovation and skill to create a simple, inexpensive, and efficient machine that works for Cambodia than to design a complex and expensive no-till machine, such as now exists on the market.”

Tony Morvant, Lead Engineer

The unit is based on the Eli technology and is in close collaboration with CARDI and Dr. Bob Martin of CAMSID.

  • The NO-TILL unit can be attached to an ELI 3.0 or to a four-wheel tractor.
  • Up to 5 rows with 30 cm spacing. Spacing is adjustable to allow to plant rice/beans/corn.
  • Disc and press wheels permit a deep insertion of seeds and covering.

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