See the Eli 3.0 in action.

Smart And Easy To Use

The Eli is operated by only one farmer.

The driver is able to control the seed amount /air flow /drill height while driving thanks to ergonomically designed seat and drill frame lever. The Eli is also easy to store: disassemble drill frame, footprint of 3.3 X 1.8m and can be lifted in a truck by 3 people only.

12 Rows At A Time

The Eli can plant 12 rows of seeds with a spacing of 15, 20 or 25 cm.

The Eli is designed to be connected directly to your two wheel tractor without needed adjustments. The planting width is 3 meters and trace markers are included to allow you to cover your field in no time.

Wet & Dry Seeder For Small-Scale Farmers

Dry Seeding
Seeds entering soil

Wet Seeding
 Seeds embedded in the mud

Seed Meter, A USA and Cambodian Patent Innovative Device

The latest version of the Eli Seeder harnesses the latest technology to come out of our lab: the ”seed meter”. It takes the flow of rice seed and splits it into 12 even rows, by feeding a burst of seed to one row at a time. This not only ensures that a high-pressure deposit is shot into the ground, but also means there are gaps between each deposit in any given row, leaving ample space for growth and sunlight..

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