Agricultural Products for the 21st Century

BB2C operates as a data-driven business and goes where the data takes us to make decisions. Historically with the help of numerous universities, BB2C undertakes exhaustive research into the impact our products have on the lives of the farmers. Team Cambodia returns again and again to our customers to determine how our innovations have improved their lives. With this data, we can understand what we are doing right and when we must go back to the drawing board.

Eli Rice Seeder 3.0

The market is evolving and BB2C, with our affordable, locally produced technology is well-positioned to address this urgent need for a new method. The Eli Rice Seeder through the modern method of direct seeding with uniform spacing. High air pressure is utilized to shoot the seeds into wet or dry ground.

Upcoming Technology

Prime Minister testing the Eli Seeder.​

The Eli Seeder was endorsed by the Minister of Agriculture on several occasions and by Prime Minister Hun Sen. In late 2020 the Prime Minister promised the distribution of 2000 units of the Eli Seeder to small-holder farmers.​

A graph showing BB2C success in Cambodia.