Why Cambodia

BB2C, a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, founded in 2007, grew out of our efforts to assist one family in Cambodia. Founder Paula Shirk adopted her son Rudi from Cambodia in 2003. She later found out that his birth family was homeless, had no food and living against a factory fence. She felt she had to help them.

“I didn‘t want Rudi at 18 to say to me, ‘you knew the despair my family lived In and you did nothing?’ ”

Believing that the support of entrepreneurship can spur positive, sustainable change, she helped Rudi’s family start a small business in the local market. With the same goal of promoting entrepreneurship, BB2C has expanded to provide developmental aid to poor Cambodian farmers.

We now sell low-cost, highly efficient agricultural tools to farmers so they can irrigate and diversify their crops, sell the surplus, and have a means to escape poverty.

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