The Eli sprayer provides an easy and efficient way for farmers to spray a variety of crops and fields. Seated high up on the trailer, the operator is kept at a safe distance from harmful and unnecessary chemical exposure. The versatile, adjustable nozzles and arms mean it uses much less pesticide.


  • Foldable 10M wing span
  • 200L capacity tank
  • Adjustable height of spray to suit all crop seasons and chemicals 
  • Adjustable jet stream, from a fine stream to a wide spray
  • Adjustable angle of spray achieved with elbow like joints along the length of the sprayer. Useful for spraying mango trees etc.
  • Attaches to the Eli trailer with only 6 bolts 
  • Requires a two wheel tractor

To order an Eli Chemical Sprayer or to find out more, please contact our Country Director, Mr Bunika San at