We Manufacture

For BB2C it is simple – by Cambodians, for Cambodians. Many Cambodian manufacturing tasks are outsourced to other countries such as Vietnam and China. BB2C is proud that all our manufacturing is done in-house. Our factory is a reflection of the strengths and resourcefulness of the BB2C organization.  We employ over 20 Cambodians (with health insurance!).

As well as the traditional manufacturing processes, we harness the latest technology from around the world, churning out intricate components on our army of 3D printers, and laser cutting for high precision parts.

“Seima, Chansothida, and the workshop staff, including Nan, Van, and Sok and Ngoun work ridiculously hard, and are motivated by love for the organization and desire for its success.  I am abashed by the lengths Cheat will go to produce a part just how I want it, or how Chorm will stop what he’s doing at any moment to help us. I hope their aspirations will be realised and rewarded with even more success.”

Ibrahim FitzGibbon

Lead Engineer