Our Culture

Our Culture

Please… No shoes in the office!

Cambodia Office

BB2C, headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, has an office and workshop in Phnom Penh and a satellite office in Kampot.

We are Nimble

When we realized the imported pump was too expensive for the farmers we wanted to serve, we began developing a less expensive, locally produced pump.

We are Resourceful

We find innovative ways to expand on a shoestring budget.

Until we could afford a safer truck, we traveled great distances on the rutted roads of Cambodia to market our pumps on a motorbike with a cart.

In the beginning, we used a local gas station as a WiFi hot spot to use the Internet to conduct BB2C work.

We are Dedicated

The Cambodian team is supported by a global network of eighteen passionate volunteers in the U.S., Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Vietnam, Norway, Australia, France, Austria, Singapore, Germany, Nepal, China and the U.K.

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